Over the years, we have worked in the media/advertising industry to develop content for multinationals, broker media deals and bring brands closer to their target markets. We constantly work to put out fresh content on all traditional and digital channels

We offer:

  • Media planning: We advise and strategically place brands on various media channels in Africa. We keep our eyes on our clients brand and marketing objectives
  • Media content distribution: We acquire and distribute content throughout Africa on traditional and digital media. We also sell these content to brands for sponsorship and advert placement. Checkout some of our works below on  


  • Media content development: With our team of experienced hands, we constantly think through the needs of our consumers and put out content to meet these needs at every moment. We also provide advisory services to clients who are passionate about content development. We are always ready to help our clients put out their thoughts
  • Media Brokerage: We act as brokers and representatives for radio, television, print and digital platforms in Nigeria and Africa. By building the images of such broadcasting outfit, we package and present them to advertisers and multinationals for content sponsorship, direct advert placement, partnerships and barter arrangement